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Brotherly love: Jivin' Scientists

Brotherly love: Jivin’ Scientists

MC Runt and DJ Deeko feel like they’re a dying breed in hip-hop.

James Owens (aka MC Runt) and older brother Jason (aka DJ Deeko) started as unknowns in 2000, handing out thousands of homemade CDs to passersby. Now their hip-hop outfit, Jivin’ Scientists, is an established fixture of the Tucson music scene. “We make very touchy-feely hip-hop,” James says. “I think the genre is becoming less personal, to where now people make a few songs, get a few plays on their MySpace, and then think they can start playing shows, without really recognizing what it takes.”

Deeko and Runt get live.

Deeko and Runt get live.

For the Owens brothers, making a name for themselves required an understanding of where hip-hop came from and an awareness of the days when funk samples were as common as today’s vocoder trend. “You need to be experiencing the full culture,” Jason says. “A lot of MCs don’t go out and support b-boys, graffiti writers and DJs, but then they get mad at those guys for not coming to see them. Why should they support you if you’re not doing the same for them?”

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New Album

This album was made in late 2010 in Minnesota. For various reasons, I decided to shelve the project for some time. Namely, the passing of our good friend Michael Larsen. Deprivation is a short 7 track EP.

The album came together randomly. One day, EYE was listening to some rough cuts with Mike Schank (formally ‘Impulse’ of Sector 7 G/ Fill in the Breaks) on the way to a show in Duluth, MN. He thought it was some of Schank’s best writing to date… and his comment on one of the songs was… “I really like this chorus, but, I think someone else should be on it….. ME!

From then on the collabo expanded to showing a few rough cuts to Mr. Dibbs. He was excited to hear something different too. Low and behold, he was in Minnesota a few weeks later and we worked a few days drinking Steel Reserve, and the cuts laid themselves in. I remember him saying “this is by far the most comfortable recording session that I’ve ever been in… when I am working with (big producer’s name deleted) he always wants to have me do the take 20 times, then he chops it up into pieces that I could never duplicate live”.


Aceyalone w/ JNatural Pat Maine

Underground legend and top notch emcee Aceyalone is coming back to Club Congress. Aceyalone has always prided himself on quality control. He has long been a lyrical master, able to weave the personal, political and social into one cohesive fabric, has never been questioned. The music takes equal billing, with Acey striking down sonic boundaries and throwing the listener back to a time when music was pure, energetic, and fun. Joining him will be JNatural, Pat Maine and the always incredible Jivin Scientists, a staple of the local Tucson hip hop scene. Get your tickets here!!




Future is Magic

We are in New Mex shooting a video with our boy Flux and his crew. We are embarking on a new kind of journey and its a bit crazy. Never in a million years would I have thought we would be working at this kind of level. Flux has been our brother for years and we have seen him grow. With a dream and hard work he has come to a level of professionalism that is a bit hard to grasp.We are stoked to bring you a video that will truly entertain. The next couple of weeks will be crazy for us, so please keep an eye on whats going on. The release of The Morning After is just around the corner. Hear is a small look at the video shoot, there is much more to come.

love you all

hug some one amazing.


Full out war

Alright my little droogs its time to kill the empire!!!

Please share and post the pics below to help us prepare for the upcoming release. If we are facebook stocking or twitter creepin and we see one of our photos as your profile or just sharing we might send you a copy of the album early.


Jivin Science