Jivin’ Scientists is not just music. It’s a philosophy. An idea. As scientists, we research the fundamental building blocks and framework of the art we produce. With that understanding, we apply pieces of ourselves in a creative way to Jive it. We believe that with hard work and honesty we can take the music we love to a new level. We are selflessly committed to producing something new and different while forever respecting the foundation on which it was built.

Jivin Scientists is a Tucson, Arizona based Hip-Hop group centered around James Owens, aka MC Runt, and producer and beatsmith Ryan Troncoso, aka Phen. Formed in 1998, The Jivin Scientists started off as a collective of MCs, graffiti writers, b-boys and party DJs. In 2000, Runt’s older brother, Jason Owens aka DJ Deeko moved to Tucson and began playing in the Hip-Hop scene.
In 2001, Runt and Phen along with Dj Deeko and Chase Crusher finished their debut album entitled “Good For Nothing.” Runt and Phen, then only seniors in high school, passed out over 2,000 copies of the album all over New Mexico and Arizona. In the summer of 2002, The Jivin Scientists released their second album entitled “Paragraph.” Produced entirely by Phen, the album set the stage for the group to play live shows. After circulating over 5,000 copies, the album led the group to open up for major acts traveling through Tucson, such as Atmosphere, Murs, 2mex, J Live and many more. In 2004, Phen, then living in Albuquerque, moved to Tucson and began work on the Jivin Scientists’ third album entitled “Average Joe.” The album, produced by Chase Crusher and engineered by Phen, became the first album sold by the group. The Jivin Scientists then set out on the road, touring for short stints and playing shows all over the Southwest, and the group began developing a fanbase all over. In 2006, the group released their fourth album entitled “Monsters.” Produced entirely by Phen, the album became a calling card to the Jivin Scientists sound- dark and intensely honest music that tugged at the heart of the listener.
Playing shows and touring over the next two years, the Jivin Scientists came in contact with another up and coming group the 8bit Cynics and in 2008 the two teamed up and released a collaboration album entitled “Self Help.” Runt and Dewy Binns of 8bit recorded the album in a matter of three days and followed with a 26-city tour in the summer of 2008. Selling over a 1,000 hardcopies and countless digital sales, the album spread the name of the Jivin Scientists from coast to coast.
In 2009, Runt and Deeko moved to Oklahoma. During that time, Runt linked up with Tucson producer Defacedproperty and began work on the group’s sixth album entitled “Autumn.” This release led them to the road once more, and in the summer of 2010 Runt moved back to Tucson. Currently Runt and Phen are busy recording and playing live shows while preparing for their seventh album, “The Morning After.”

2012 Tour schedule will be announced early this Spring. The tour is expected to hit the west coast in the Fall.

Atmosphere God love Ugly – Tucson Az 10-1-2002
Slug, Murs, Brother Ali, Blueprint, Mr. Dibbs
Crown City Rockers – Tucson show 05-07-2004
Crown City Rockers Flagstaff show 05-08-2004
Louis logic – Tucson, AZ 05-18-2004
Grayskul – Tucson, AZ 01-24-2006
Awol One – Tucson, Az 05-19-2006
Zion I and Grouch – Winter of 2007
Kool Keith – Tucson, AZ 04-28-2007
Ztrip and Aceyalone – Tucson, Az 08-16-2007
Little Brother and Evidence – Tucson, AZ 11-14-2008
Kool Keith – Tucson, AZ 03-21-2008
Del the funky homosapien Tucson show 2007

Warp tour
Las Crusus NM 06-20-2006
Bring your A Game Tour 1 september 2005
Albuquerque NM – Las Cruces NM – Flagstaff AZ – Santa Fe, NM

Bring Your A Game Tour 2 september 2006
Albuquerque NM – Las Cruces NM – Flagstaff AZ – Salt lake City

Truth With Your Whisky Tour 2007
Durango Co – Farmington NM – Masa AZ – Albuquerque NM – Las Cruces NM – Tucson AZ – Flagstaff AZ – Masa AZ – Bakersfield CA – San diego Ca

Truth With Your Whisky Tour 2008
Tucson AZ – Farmington NM – Santa Fe NM – Albuquerque NM – Las Cruces NM – El Paso Tx – Dallas Tx – Oklahoma city OK – Amarillo Tx – San Antonio Tx – Lawton Ok – Gallup Nm – Durango CO – Salt lake city NV – L.A. CA

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